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UAE is emerging as an oil trading hub, due to its infrastructure, access to excess refining capacity and time zone, and Neptune Energy Trading hopes to be at the forefront of that revolution.


Gasoline is a petroleum-derived liquid mixture, formed as the main product refined from crude oil, and is one of the major fuels consumed across multiple industries. Being one of the important commodities in the automotive industry, gasoline demand has been rising all over the world.

As an established gasoline trader, with storage facilities in strategic locations, Neptune Energy trading supplies customers worldwide. We work with some of the largest refiners, distributers, marketers, and state-owned oil companies, to supply markets worldwide and swiftly anticipate and respond to changing market demands. Close proximity to some the largest consuming markets, mainly India and China, the best and most efficient refineries in the world i.e. Reliance and Aramco, and the busiest oil & gas trading route, gives us an edge over competitors. Our extensive knowledge base and state-of-the-art infrastructure helps us handle timely deliveries and on spec products, across increasingly complex supply chains

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