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Liquefied petroleum gas is the liquefied form of petroleum gases extracted from petroleum or natural gas streams as they emerge from the ground. Known as the world’s most multi-purpose energy, LPG has found numerous applications in commercial business, petrochemical and refinery feedstock, residential and commercial heating.


Gasoline is a petroleum derived liquid mixture, formed as the main product refined from crude oil, and is one of the major fuels consumed across multiple industries. Being one of the important commodities in the automotive industry, gasoline demand has been rising all over the world.


Neptune Energy Trading LLC is proud to be one of the manufacturers and suppliers of Bitumen, offering a wide array of bitumen products, such as Oxidized Bitumen (Blown Asphalt), Cutback Bitumen, Bitumen Emulsion (Asphalt), Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB), Performance Grade (PG) Bitumen, Viscosity Grade (VG) Bitumen, and Penetration Graded Bitumen (Asphalt) to a global audience.

Fuel Oil

Fuel oil is a distillate fuel used for a wide range of applications, including the generation of power in some engines or generators or in a furnace or boiler for heat generation. Neptune Energy trading has years of experience delivering commercial, agriculture, and domestic fuel oil to homes and businesses across major international markets. We offer our customers top-grade sulfur-free fuel oils, designed to offer reliable and efficient performance in the most demanding and challenging conditions. We offer cost-effective and reliable delivery plans and are proud to have built a business reputation founded on excellent customer service.


AVGAS is an aviation fuel used in small piston engine powered aircrafts, predominantly used by private pilots, recreational activities, and flying clubs. Piston engines have a much higher performance requirement, which is fulfilled by high-quality AV gas due to its ability to adapt to different temperatures and pressures, its low lead content, and superior anti-knock characteristics. Piston engine aircraft depends on top-grade AVGAS 100LL for safe and infallible operations even in the most critical applications.

Jet Fuel

Neptune Energy Trading supplies JET A-1 – an aviation fuel suitable for most jet aircrafts – to major international market. Our product meets the most stringent international requirements, including the ASTM 1655, Defense Standard 91/91, and the NATO F-35 specification. Military and commercial aircrafts of today use Jet Fuel A1 due to its clean burning characteristics and sulfur and aromatic contents.


Neptune Energy Trading has become a brand-name in the polymer trading industry, synonymous with authenticity, trust, quality, integrity, and high moral values in polymer trading.  We use our extensive facilities, decades of industry experience, and worldwide alliances and partnerships to drive exceptional value for our clients.


Methanol is an essential clean-burning, cost-competitive alternative fuel when it comes to producing industrial and consumer items, such as building materials, paints, polyester, plastics, resins, foams, and other health and pharmaceutical products. Neptune is one of the largest and most reputable producer and supplier of methanol to major international markets.


The LNG industry is only moving in one direction – forward. Global LNG bunkering demand is projected to rise. Neptune Energy trading aims to offer flexible and efficient solutions to meet the continuously growing demand for liquefied natural gas. Our LNG business supports customers with strategically deployable assets offering modularity, flexibility, and cost benefits.

Crude oil

We have an unparalleled grasp of crude markets globally, strong relationships with refiners, producers, and key-market participants worldwide, and access to extensive infrastructure. We have been immaculately supplying and provisioning multiple grades of Crude Oil and are actively involved in developing projects related to existing and new crude oil flows. Our extensive logistic abilities enable us to maintain a diversified crude oil portfolio.

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